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Every child deserves a ticket to R.I.D.E.

Rigor + Inclusion + Diversity = Equity

There is no contradiction between a rigorous education and one that lifts up everyone. 

We all benefit from instruction and programming that propels children into college, career, and democratic participation.

We all benefit from inclusive and diverse learning spaces that support our community’s cultures, languages, and specific needs for support.

Montclair Elementary teachers use the district's adopted curriculums to help students achieve the standards laid out in the Common Core State Standards and prepare for future academic success.

The Otter Way

We are safe:

We protect each other from emotional and physical harm.

We are inclusive:

We co-create learning environments that allow everyone to learn, grow, and thrive.

We use language and actions that foster a feeling of respect, belonging, and comfort so we can all be out best selves.

We celebrate the uniqueness of our experiences, backgrounds, and ways of thinking.

The Four (4) No-Ways

  1. We do not use our bodies to hurt
  2. We do not use words or actions that threaten or hurt
  3. We do not use derogatory slurs towards anyone
  4. We do not leave the learning area without permission
The Otter Way