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School Site Council

Are you looking to help improve student achievement or just want to know more about the efforts underway at our school? Are you a new or veteran parent looking to get involved in a really important group at our school? Look no further! We are a volunteer service committee of elected staff, parents and community members that work together to ensure school funds are used to promote equity in education, in accordance with state and federal guidelines. The SSC focuses on the areas of greatest needs, fostering a positive school climate and reducing achievement gaps.

What is the School Site Council (SSC)?

SSC is a mandated advisory body created by the federal government (School Site Council CA Dept of Education) to support students who are most at risk. The SSC is a school community representative body made up of the Principal, Teachers, Other School Personnel, Parents and Community Members. All schools that receive federal or state categorical funding are required to have a School Site Council to give input and help decide how to spend categorical funds. Legally required group by California Law.

The SSC is the decision-making body for:

  • The budget (local, state and federal)
  • Instructional program
  • Curriculum in all areas
  • Developing and overseeing the implementation of the SPSA
  • Working with other school based Advisory groups
  • Reviewing and approving all programs that affect the instructional goals
  • Working in collaboration with other school organizations, including PTA and the Dads Club
  • Reviews student academic data
  • Recommends school safety plan.

Why is the School Site Council important?

The SSC offers an excellent opportunity for parents, community members, school staff and administration to work together and plan for the achievement of all students with a mandate to focus on our target populations. It provides all school staff members, parents, community members, and students a voice in maintaining and improving achievement. 

For example:

  • What are the goals and priorities of our school?
  • What data do we have that shows how well we are achieving those goals?
  • Are we progressing toward our goals?
  • Are there particular groups of students who are not doing as well as others?
  • What support could we put in place to help struggling students?
  • How will we fund those supports?
  • Do we have programs that are ineffective or unrelated to our goals?
  • Is it possible to eliminate those programs?
  • How we know if our new programs are effective